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   RomanceNovelCovers.com is the FIRST stock image website created specifically for the romance novel industry by the leading romance novel cover model himself, Jimmy Thomas (on almost 7,000 novel covers), who not only produces and directs all his stock image photo shoots, he also hand selects, cleans, edits and crops all the RNC images. So you are getting 16 years of professional modeling, and 12 years of romance novel industry experience, including his passionate eye on romance, lust, mystery and intrigue, to guarantee the most romantic and passionate stock images on the web today. 

   From web and print size, non-exclusive stock images, to Pre-Made Covers ready for your novel title and author name you provide, to ordering your very own exclusive custom cover image, you can find all you need in romance novel industry images right here on RNC, and with still a good 100,000+ images to go through from past photo shoots, keep checking back for new image uploads.


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I love Jimmy's work. Super nice guy (met him last year at RNConvention) and brilliant entrepreneur....he is THE original when it comes to romance novel imagery sites (there was NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE who did this before he did and everyone else who is now doing it is following in HIS footsteps). He was the first and will always be tops in book cover imagery.
- Author, Cynthia Lucas

Dear Jimmy,
I am so impressed with your stock images. The quality of them, the posing, and most importantly, the emotions that are portrayed, are wonderful. You always manage to capture love, tenderness, and sensuality in your poses. The hero and the heroine really look at each other, really engage. The emotion and sense of romance were the first things I noticed about your pictures. I connected with them, so I'm sure readers will too. I wish I'd found your site much earlier, but I will be looking for images there from now on. I'm sure a lot of people don't realize that modeling and creating a fantasy is an art form, but it definitely is. You are a fantastic artist. Thank you for your contributions to romance covers.
- Author, Catherine S.


"I've been trying to figure out what sets Jimmy Thomas apart from the others and I've decided it's the emotion he brings to his photos. Yes, he's wildly good-looking but there's more going on than a pretty face: you can see what he's thinking and feeling and, for me, that's a very important distinction."
- USA Today Bestselling Author, Barbara Bretton

"There are lots of pretty faces out there, posing in supposedly romantic ways. But there's nothing romantic about their shots because they're so obviously fakes. They're concerned about looking great for the camera, not about being romantic. This is why Jimmy excels and why I'll keep going back for more of his photos for my cover designs."
- Cover Artist & Amazon Bestselling Author, Delle Jacobs

"Having been a working model (I made a good living) for the better half of a decade, I would have given my right arm to have worked with a male model like Jimmy. He has the heart and soul and it shows in all his images. Not so with a good many male models, past or present. Now I work on the other side of the lens and I can appreciate what he does even more. There is so much blood, sweat and tears that he puts into all his images - all he doesn't do is physically shoot the image(s)! Oh, but wait! He may figure out how to do that before all is said and done! You have to have the passion, and Jimmy has the passion 110%."
- Author, Rae McCartney

"While they say Men are visual creatures, women respond to key visuals, emotion visuals, eyes, hands etc. and Jimmy Thomas deserves the award thus far for creating those moments that draw us women in, very few artists or photographers can get these moments that make our bodies respond, but Jimmy has figured this out and virtually every cover he is on, I have yet not to respond to in some way, my body cheats me and reacts every time :-)"
- Author, Tara Rose

"The cover model CAN absolutely help sell a book. The reality is that Jimmy has presence that grabs. As a cover designer, I look through a lot of really fine looking men to find the right one, and there are quite a few out there. But they simply don't have Jimmy's appeal. His images are bold and he makes them believable. Even before you open the book, if it's designed correctly you are already getting sucked into the story. I think the point is that Jimmy sells himself through confidence and boldness and that, in turn, helps to sell the book."
- Cover Artist, Linda Boulanger

"After looking at Stock photo sites, I always come back to Jimmy. The emotion, the care and professional look of his shots are hard to beat."
- Author, Karyn Gerrard

"I've seen so many stock images and book covers and none of them have the same passion and emotion that JT's images do."
- Reader, Chris Coxiereads

"In my opinion Jimmy Thomas is the BEST period!! As an avid reader the first thing that grabs my attention is the cover, so along with a good cover model you must have a good cover artist. But in only my opinion if the cover model isn't good then well, it is very difficult for the cover artist because what the cover model brings forth is the expression & essence of the story / character and again there is no better than Jimmy Thomas, he has a natural born gift.... another thing I love is his ability of change, he is a chameleon, every cover is different and he isn't stuck to one or two genres, he can do anything & everything! Not often can you find that in a cover model. Jimmy as a man is an incredibly smart businessman, truly to know him is to love him, just ask anyone whom has had the pleasure of meeting him! ;) An author who wants to sell books will have Jimmy Thomas on the cover."
- Reader, Shannon Reads

"Anything with Jimmy Thomas sells better. Why, just look at the cover!!!"
- Reader, Laurie Peterson

"The sensuality of the cover model is what sells the book along with everything else that goes along with it (the blurb, the cover art and the characters as well) plus the fact that whenever you have a cover with Jimmy Thomas on it..., it of course is a must read. The man oozes sexual desire that entices a reader to pick it up and just sit back and imagine."
- Author, Jamallah Bergman

"I enjoyed the process of working with a cover artist to create my cover. When I described the hero to the cover artist, she recommended Jimmy Thomas and we looked thru his site together (on the phone). What fun that was! I was so enthralled with Jimmy's images that I chose him for the 2nd book, too."
- National Bestselling Author, Sheri WhiteFeather

"Hi Jimmy, I really appreciate the professional response and manner you have with authors and models. This is one major draw I find in your photos. When I see you in hold with a female model, I never feel as though the shot is merely posed. I see the emotion. A genuine care and concern for the model comes through the pose. It might be good acting on both of your parts, but you take the time to make sure it is there. That's important, plus (who are we kidding) it sells books. :) Still, thank you for being very professional."
- Author, Carol Spradling

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