RNC Royalty Free Web & Print Usage (RFWPU) License

Definition: RNC Royalty Free Web & Print Usage (RFWPU) means that you pay for each RNC stock image once, then use that image as many times as you like for unlimited copies per usage, i.e. unlimited printed book covers, unlimited eBook covers, unlimited bookmarks, unlimited trading cards, etc. There are no royalties to be paid. RNC stock images are non-exclusive and can be bought over and over again by others.

Receive: The RNC Royalty Free Web & Print Usage (RFWPU) license is for each 300dpi, full size, non-watermarked image purchased from stock image website RomanceNovelCovers.com, and provided for you to instantly download, all other image versions (small watermarked images, and non-watermarked thumbnail-size images) may not be used for publication. Full size image sizes vary per image, as full size image sizes are determined by the photographer's camera each image was taken with. All image sizes are displayed within the 'Image Details' along with each image, to be seen before purchase.

Usage: This RNC Royalty Free Web & Print Usage (RFWPU) license provides the purchaser the right to use the RNC RFWPU image purchased, on mass market printed romance novel covers, print-on-demand romance novel covers, and eBook romance novel covers for novel/book resale. To use RNC stock images on commercial products for sale, your entire cover must be used on the product(s), with book title and author name on the RNC image(s). All other usage must solely be for 'romance novel related' promotional materials only and not for resale, other than by RomanceNovelCovers.com and their affiliate RNC companies.

Restrictions: Each 72dpi resolution image provided to you under the RNC Royalty Free Web Usage (RFWU) license, may only be used on romance genre or sub-genre eBooks (non-printed novel/books). Each 300dpi resolution image provided to you under the RNC Royalty Free Web & Print Usage (RFWPU) license, including RNC Pre-Made Covers, and RNC Custom Cover Images, may only be used on romance genre or sub-genre eBooks and/or printed novel/books. Both types of RNC licensed images may also be used on romance novel affiliated or 'promotional' material, such as websites, banners, individual screensavers or wallpapers (not for resale, unless the entire cover, with book title and author name is on the RNC image), novel/book advertisements, bookmarks, e-fliers, e-brochures or PowerPoint presentations regarding romance novels/books, or any other romance novel related/themed advertising or promotional material in electronic or printed media, as long as each item in which each image appears does not contradict any of the unauthorized restricted usages below.

Unauthorized restricted usage of RNC stock images 'as-is' or not in the form of a novel/book cover with novel/book title and author name clearly legible, include, but not limited to, resale of printed or online: banners, blankets, bookmarks, business cards, calendars, fliers, greeting cards, key chains, magazine articles, mouse pads, mugs, newspaper articles, PDF presentations, postcards, pre-made covers, screensavers or background skins, stamps, t-shirts, tote bags, towels, website templates or web-pages. Any other items incorporating any RNC stock image (other than on novel/book covers) intended to be sold, or given for free along with a sold product or service (if the sold product or service costs less or is worth less than the item being given away with any RNC stock image on it), are considered redistribution and is not allowed, other than by RomanceNovelCovers.com or their affiliate RNC companies.

It is also prohibited to post any RomanceNovelCovers.com stock image 'as-is' (without significant alterations/additions to the image clearly showing it to be a novel/book cover with a novel/book title and author name on it) on any website, web page or such, at a size larger than 600 pixels high if a vertical stock image, or 400 pixels wide if a horizontal stock image. This is to prevent viewers from saving the image(s) and using them without paying for the RNC image license rights. Buying any RNC stock image license does not transfer the copyright. You may not claim that the image is your own, and you may not sell, license for use, or in any way distribute the image for resale. The purchasing of an RNC image license is purchasing the rights to use such image as the license describes, you are not purchasing the ownership of the image itself. If you have any uncertainty regarding the use of any RNC stock image in a correct and legal way, please email support at support@romancenovelcovers.com